Is Random Drug Testing Right for Your Business?

random drug testingRandom drug testing is a commonly used practice of screening workers for the presence of drugs. In many cases, the procedure is completely legal. On the other hand, the screening for drugs could breach an individual’s rights. Every circumstance is different and each situation is based upon scenarios that may warrant the suggestions of an employment attorney. If an employee feels his or her rights have actually been violated, it is best, in many cases, to call a lawyer who focuses on the field of employment law. It is critical that the drug tests are performed by an independent drug screening company.

Most businesses in the United States do not have to conduct random drug testing. As a matter of fact, several local and state government companies limit drug testing in the work environment. The Drug-Free Office Act of 1988 does not mandate that business set up workplace drug testing. However, several private employers do have the right to check staff members for illegal compounds. If a business does institute drug testing there are very strict Federal standards that should be adhered to.

What Guidelines Must the Company Follow for their Random Drug Testing Program?

Several standards should be followed in order to administer a drug test. One of the most essential standards is that the samples need to be gathered in an unobtrusive and private way. The drug test outcomes are health information and really private. The results need to just be revealed to those who make security and personnel choices. The drug test information should be stored in a separate file apart from the staff member’s files of personnel, including the test results. Any drug test repercussions and outcomes have to be gone over with the worker in personal.

It is important that employees stick to the rules and guidelines that are presented in the employee handbook. Normally those policies consist of a number of codes of conduct and ethical guidelines. Most of those documents also consist of a strict policy of abstinence from the use of drugs. There are a number of reasons employers do not permit its workers to use drugs. To ensure this policy is followed lots of employers use random drug testing.

What Approaches Are Allowed to Collect a Sample for Checking?

An employer can choose from several various techniques to test for drugs. Among the most common techniques is a urinalysis, in which a sample of the employee’s urine is evaluated for drugs. Another approach is blood testing, in which the real amount of a drug is spotted by using a blood sample. The employer may likewise set up a hair roots test. Hair analysis offers the company a longer testing window and gives a more complete drug history as far as 90 days. Dental fluid testing and sweat testing are likewise techniques that are made use of to detect drugs in an employee’s body.

Who is Liable for the cost of the test?
According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Solutions Administration (SAMHSA), the employer is liable for paying for a drug test. When an employee goes to a center to be checked, he or she is considered to be on the clock. For that reason, this time is considered hours worked, and the worker must be compensated for the time taken to send a sample for analysis. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and The Department of Labor required that employees should be made up for the time taken to take a medicine test. If you feel your rights have actually been violated, get in touch with the [Department of Labor Wage and Hour District Office]

Are All Random Drug Tests Legal?

The Federal law does not restrict random drug testing. On the other hand, numerous individual states do question or limit random drug testing on workers who do not hold safety-sensitive positions. In certain states and cases, random drug testing may be a violation of your rights. In certain scenarios someone with a history of drug abuse or alcohol abuse might be identified as disabled. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) could safeguard certain people.

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random drug screening

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