Outsource Drug Screening vs In-House Drug Testing

Why should you outsource drug screening? If your company is considering employee drug testing and you are entertaining the idea of saving money by implementing your own in house drug screening program…Think again!

Cheap is not always better! Did you know that if you do in house drug testing, you are opening up your business to a potential lawsuit? That’s why your pre-employment drug screening program should be left to an independent Georgia based company. And who better than Georgia On-Site Lab Testing to provide those services.

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There are a lot of factors involved when making such an important decision that may have grave consequences for your business down the road. Here are some factors to consider:

• Quality training for the drug tester…but what if they move on to another job somewhere else in Georgia? Then you have to begin again.
• What if the drug tester is less than ethical and plays favorites or worse …sets someone up.
• What happens when the tested employee refutes the validity of the testing procedure or results?
• What type of quality control and quality assurance programs are implemented? In order to have the highest level of accuracy the costs of in house drug screening can actually be quite high if performed to the highest standards.

To Outsource Drug  Screening makes good legal and financial sense

outsourcing calcualtionsA thorough cost analysis, and taking into account issues relating to personnel training and record keeping, suggests that is ultimately more cost effective to have the Georgia drug testing program managed by a third party. But seriously….the initial benefits of cost effective in house testing pale when an employee is terminated based on the results of in-house drug screening. In this sue happy society we live in, did you know that the average wrongful termination lawsuit can cost the employer anywhere from $100,000 to a million or more? Performing in-house drug testing sets an employer up for litigation based on unfair practices and discrimination.
Attorneys for the terminated employee will definitely question how the random selection was made.
• Was it done by tossing names in a bag or jar and pulling a name out?
• Or was it done by random generator?
• Could the person doing the testing have compromised ethics and have pulled a specific name or ran the generator until the desired name came up? Absolutely!
Because of the huge potential litigation liability…it is critical for your business to use an outside independent contractor who has no vested interest. When the question of discrimination comes up in court, the employer can honestly state that they had no control over who was randomly selected.
But besides discrimination…here is another issue…the argument that drug testing was not properly performed.

There are many reasons this argument could stand up in a Georgia court.
• Did the employer provide a one- time training?
• How often was the tester re-certified?
• When was the last drug test performed?
anger-19063What happens when the testing employee quits or gets promoted? Does the employer provide new training by a certified trainer?
What if your business has a low rate of turnover? Then it is highly possible because of lack of practice the tester may miss a vital step or make a critical error.

Outside drug testing companies in Georgia have the experience and protocols that dictate the specific steps that are taken during a drug test. Using professional collectors removes any doubt.

outsourcing drug testing in Georgia
The thought of potential legal battles may prompt Georgia employers to scrap any drug testing programs completely. But wait…not so fast!
The National Institute of Health reported that alcohol and drug abuse cost the economy $246 billion dollars a year in 1992. Imagine the costs now!

Ever thought about what alcohol and drug abuse is costing your Georgia business?

Numerous studies suggest that substance abuse is having a profoundly negative effect on the workplace in terms of decreased productivity, increased accidents, absenteeism, turnover and medical costs. So really, doesn’t it make great business sense to outsource your employee drug testing program?

And who better than Georgia On-Site Lab Testing to provide a quick and highly accurate drug screening program that will save you a lot headache and money in the long run!  Convenient too…We come to your facility!

Georgia On-Site has all the bases covered including malpractice and liability insurances in place to protect their clients. All technicians are certified and re-certified every three months.

Give Georgia On-Site Lab Testing a call today for your outsource drug screening program!

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