Drug Alcohol Counseling Services

Drug Alcohol Counseling Services are critical to the safe operation of any business large or small. Georgia On-Site Lab Testing offers an array of services. Besides just drug testing, we have made it affordable for businesses to offer Employee Drug and Alcohol counseling programs.

Employee Drug – Alcohol Counseling

As a drug and alcohol counselor, we will work to prevent drug and alcohol abuse, and will deliver treatment to people who have encountered the devastation that drugs and alcohol abuse causes. We have specialized knowledge of the complexities of this problem and can help individuals and families back on the road to a healthy existence. Physiological concepts and theories will be the tools of the trade. Your efforts will have a positive impact on your employee’s lives, and you’ll be helping society battle the epidemic of substance abuse.

What Your Employees Will Learn…

• The distinction between types of addictions and resulting behavior

• Types of family dysfunction and methods for treating addicted families

• A variety of treatment techniques unique to drug and alcohol counseling

• Additional knowledge, skills, and abilities essential to your success on the job

• The difference between abuse and addiction


Companies that implement efficient drug-free workplace programs typically will:Drug and Alcohol Counseling

• Hire better employees

• Experience less employee turnover

• Realize higher productivity

• Reduce employee absenteeism/lost time

• Improve employee safety

• Enjoy better compliance with regulatory agencies

• Earn credit on workers’ compensation premiums

• Decrease workers’ compensation claims

• Reduce the number of approved claims because positive test results can prove a “causal relationship” between the claim and the drug and/or alcohol

When a company has contracted with a governmental agency, a drug-free workplace may be a requirement of doing business. Drug alcohol counseling programs may also be required.

More and more organizations are seeking to improve safety, deter drug and alcohol misuse, and promote a safe and healthy environment.

Georgia On-Site Lab Testing and its staff are prepared to deliver the most effective, productive, and cost efficient program available for meeting and exceeding the need related to substance abuse and alcohol testing.

With this in mind, we offer a complete range of Drug Alcohol Counseling and testing services to meet your requirements. We even come to your facility. Give us a call!

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