D.O.T. Drug Testing Programs Available from Georgia On-Site Lab Testing

D.O.T. drug testing programs are offered by Georgia On-Site Lab Testing with full compliance with government regulations.

dot drug testingDrug testing is required of Department of Transportation related employees. It is critical to implement responsible DOT workplace drug and alcohol programs with provisions for clear policies, training and education, drug testing, and referral for evaluation and treatment. Employers must also have strong drug and alcohol testing programs and employees must be removed from safety-sensitive duties immediately if they have violated drug and alcohol testing rules. Employees must not be returned to safety-sensitive duties until they have been referred for evaluation and have successfully complied with treatment recommendations.


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testing for drugs by the DOTAs quoted on the Department of Transportation website: “The transportation industry drug and alcohol testing program is a critical element of the Department of Transportation’s safety mission. Pilots, truck drivers, subway operators, ship captains, pipeline controllers, airline mechanics, locomotive engineers, armed security personnel and bus drivers – among others – have an awesome responsibility to the public and we cannot let their performance be compromised by drugs or alcohol.

Working closely with industry, we have, over time, seen the number of crashes and accidents linked to drug and alcohol use by safety-sensitive employees decline. Still, human risk factors remain, so there is much work to be done, and we cannot rest until we have eliminated the dangerous risk posed by illegal drug use and alcohol misuse in the transportation industries we oversee.

Safety is our highest priority and we are committed to ensuring that transportation employees are drug and alcohol free. Employers should make sure that employees understand the personal and professional consequences of failing to comply, and supervisors must be trained to identify the signs of drug use and alcohol misuse.”



DOT drug testing programs keep us safe!

DOT employers must follow 49 CFR Part 40 and DOT regulations. Examples of DOT employers are the Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Federal Railroad Administration, Federal Transit Administration, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, and the United States Coast Guard.
The DOT states in their Best Practices for DOT Random Drug and Alcohol Testing report that random testing is the “best tool employers have for deterring drug and alcohol use in the workplace.” This is because it reduces employer liability, is fair, prevents injuries and saves lives, allows employers to identify those who use illegal substances and to point them towards treatment programs, and it provides an employee with an excuse not to use drugs because their employer requires drug testing.

Each DOT agency determines how often employees in their category should be tested. If an agency mandates that 40% of employees be tested, then 40 out of 100 workers are randomly chosen for testing. To ensure that those who will be tested are actually chosen randomly, the DOT recommends that a random-number table or computer-based random number generator that’s traceable to a specific employee be used. In the railroad industry, employees are commonly chosen by their train number. If a train is picked, any covered employee working on that train on a specific day would be chosen for testing.

It is recommended that employees be selected and tested at least four times each year, and even more is acceptable. The less people who know about the testing, the better the chances are that the test will be random. This helps keep the surprise element to who will be tested. Employees must report to the testing site immediately after being told that they were selected. There are not to do any more work until the test has been completed.

When you follow the DOT Drug testing standards set forth by the Department of Transportation, you are helping maintain the safety of those who depend on your workers for safe transportation.

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