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phone-numberGeorgia On-Site Lab Testing offers corporate wellness programs including Early Disease Detection Health Screenings, which over the long term can save a lot of hours lost on the job due to illness.

Today, approximately one half of all US employers offer some form of Wellness program. The employers design their corporate wellness programs as a combination of health screens and intervention programs. Screening activities can include health risk assessments, self administered questionnaires on health related behaviors and risk factors, and can often include screenings to collect baseline biometric data. Most employers overwhelmingly express confidence that workplace wellness programs greatly reduce absenteeism, medical costs, and health related lapses in worker productivity.

According to the Wellness Council of America, the financial benefits to employers that invest in wellness related programs for their employers is quite significant. This council indicates companies who invest in wellness programs experience the following positive benefits:

Average gain of $5.81 for every dollar invested in wellness programs
Reduction of sick leave absenteeism by an average of 26.8 percent.
Reduction of health care costs of up to 26 percent
Reduction of Worker’s Compensation and disability claims by 32 percent

But, besides the enormous cost benefits to the employer, studies have shown that the employees themselves are also seeing a direct improvement in their work performance and productivity.

The Principal Financial Wellbeing Index` has shown that 62 percent of American employees firmly believe that corporate wellness activities and programs significantly improve health and reduce risks.

Here are more statistics:
51 percent of wellness program participants say that they work harder and have better performance.
59 percent say that they have more energy and are more productive at work
45 percent say that health related programs inspire them to stay with the same employer
43 percent say that fewer days are missed as a result of these programs

Employers …if you are serious about improving employee well-being and productivity thereby increasing overall wellness of your employees, give Georgia On-Site Lab Testing a call today!

corporate wellnessNow you can contain health care costs by proactively improving health before issues become more serious and costly.
Increase productivity and engagement among employees
Improve retention and become an employer of choice


corporate wellness programs - health screenngWhat is early disease detection?
• Early disease detection: Screening tests to find health problems before symptoms appear.

• Diagnostic tests, to find a disease or other health problems early in its course.


 Your Guide to Healthy Living – Corporate Wellness Program

You hear about it more and more in healthcare discussions. At Georgia On-Site Lab Testing, Inc. we bring a fresh approach to promoting wellness within your company. Our Wellness program utilizes the invaluable expertise of our on-site clinicians to help your employees adopt healthier lifestyles. By researching countless perspectives regarding wellness and combining the most effective components, we’ve created a highly effective program to guide employees toward a healthier and overall better quality of life.

Our Turnkey Corporate Wellness Solution Provides Immediate & Efficient Results
Utilizing Georgia On-Site Lab Testing’s health and wellness services, the client has access to a turnkey system which can be implemented in a very short period of time; this will produce immediate quantifiable (reduced healthcare costs) and non-quantifiable results (productivity, a reduced disability, and higher employee morale and retention time.) Due to the uniqueness of Georgia On-Site Labs approach, we will produce access to the most targeted and focused preventive healthcare and wellness program available today.

 The Earlier the Better

Often the earlier a disease is diagnosed, the more likely it is that it can be cured or successfully managed. Managing a disease, especially early in its course, may lower its impact on your life or prevent or delay serious complications. Georgia On-Site Lab Testing allows an organization to pro-actively identify and then prevent some of the most common health risks affecting employees before they can have a serious impact on sickness / absence and productivity in the workplace. At Georgia On-Site Lab Testing, Inc. we are committed to an evidence-based approach to prevention; our clients can be confident in the scientific basis of our test and in the unique expertise we have available.

What tests should you have?

Lipid Profile…Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, claiming the lives of nearly one million Americans every year. Many people are unaware that, to a large extent,the disease is both modifiable and preventable. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains a leading cause of premature death and disability in most industrialized countries. There is a wealth of available evidence to suggest that intervention can reduce the burden of CVD (heart attack and stroke) and the enormous economic and human costs with which it is associated. 45% of heart attacks occur in people under the age of 65.

Males account for 47% of all deaths from cardiovascular disease. Heart disease is often under-diagnosed and under-treated in women. Knowing your cholesterol levels is an essential part of understanding your own risk for heart disease. The American Heart Association recommends that everyone over age 20 get a cholesterol test. Having high total cholesterol, high bad cholesterol, or low good cholesterol places you at higher than average risk for heart disease. Knowing about high cholesterol is the first step toward lowering it, which reduces your risk.

Glucose Test

Diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in the United States in 2006. Nearly 24 million Americans have diabetes, and another 54 million are estimated to have pre-diabetes, increasing their risk for diabetes. Over 200,000 individuals die each year of related complications. Millions of people have diabetes and do not know it. However, with early detection and treatment, the more likely it is that the serious health consequences of diabetes can be prevented or delayed. This benefit can help improve the quality of life by preventing a more severe condition that can occur without proper treatment from undiagnosed or untreated diabetes.

Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) men 40 and over

A prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test measures the amount of prostate-specific antigen in the blood. PSA is released into a man’s blood by his prostate gland. Healthy men have low amounts of PSA in the blood. The amount of PSA in the blood normally increases as a man’s prostate enlarges with age. PSA may increase because of inflammation of the prostate gland or prostate cancer.

Prevention is conditional on first being able to identify illnesses in their early stages through diagnostic screenings (when health can be dramatically improved and costly complications avoided). Georgia On-Site Lab Testing, Inc. has identified three major problems faced by clients today:
Currently, it is estimated 80% of employers utilize HRA (Health Risk Assessment) questionnaires to help identify health risks. Employers understand the need for screenings and are anxious to implement a program, but are unsure of “where to start”, or which conditions should be screened, since they have not done screenings in the past. Employers may have not been presented a program which is turnkey, efficient, immediate, and has significant impact. Often competitive companies have either proposed unnecessary tests at extremely high costs, or have made the screening service conditional on purchasing other ancillary services the vendor offers.

Health Information & The Importance of Early Detection

In addition to being the most effective way to treat health problems, early detection significantly reduces the amount of time, energy and costs associated with those problems. By discovering a health problem in its early stages, the treatment and recovery process is simplified. Health screenings can achieve early detection by exposing illnesses and diseases long before symptoms become perceivable. Tests and scans can also help prevent the actual onset of disease by identifying risk factors such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, so that preventative measures can be taken. Georgia On-Site Lab Testing, Inc. offers early detection and risk assessment methods related to a variety of health concerns.

Incidence & Disease Frequency

  • 70 million Americans have one or more form(s) of cardiovascular disease
  • 1.2 million people will suffer a heart attack
  • Of the 18 million individuals with diabetes, 5 million cases are un-diagnosed
  • Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States

Employees are advised to provide doctors order stating employee is tested and under the care of a physician. Orders should be emailed or faxed by health care provider to Georgia On-Site Lab Testing, Inc. Email:

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 Georgia On Site Lab Testing’s corporate wellness programs help employers deliver strategic wellness initiatives in the workplace.

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