Drug Testing for the Logistics Industry

drug testing for the logistics industry

Georgia On-site Lab Testing offers Drug Testing Programs for the Logistics industry throughout the state of Georgia. With our affordable drug screening programs, we are here to accommodate your needs. We offer choice when it comes to logistics drug screening. We come to you or can provide a permanent or part time technician for your facility thus relieving the distribution center of all liability and insurance expenses. Drug testing programs can be established for pre-employment, post accident, random, return to work and reasonable cause.

Drug Testing for the logistics industry is vital. The effect of drugs in the workplace and specifically the logistics industry and an effective drug and alcohol policy is of vital importance to health and safety decision makers within any industry. The use and abuse of illegal or illicit drugs among warehouse workers can have serious implications for both employees and organizations.

At best, production and morale can experience disruption and in worst-case scenarios, drug induced accidents could cause injury and potentially death. The need to have an air-tight policy in place increases within high-risk industries: particularly those that involve frequent the operation of heavy machinery.

Why Is Drug Testing In The Logistics Industry So Important?

Within the logistics industries it is imperative that drug and alcohol policies be as air-tight as possible to ensure the safety of the existing workforce. It goes without saying that employees of distribution centers coming to work with alcohol or drugs in their system potentially present a significant risk, but what can be done by logistic distribution centers to prevent this risk and potential drug use having such an impact on their employees?

As an employer, you have an obligation to provide a non-hostile and, as much as possible, safe workplace for your employees. Predictive, professional employee behavior is a reasonable expectation and a drug-free workplace policy is an important step in setting that expectation.

 Why a Drug Free Policy is Good for Distribution Centers?

A drug-free policy makes clear to all employees that no drugs are allowed on site. Furthermore, it clarifies exactly how a company will react if an employee is found using drugs, discipline the employee, institute legal action, and/or provide access to a rehab program. This policy can be spelled out in employee communications and new hire orientations.

Most distribution centers require that new employees take a drug test. Many of these companies also have their employees sign a contract when they are hired which states that they agree to take a random drug test whenever asked by the company. More and more companies are doing drug testing in the workplace, and there are numerous reasons why drug testing is so important in the logistics industry.

A comprehensive policy helps to reduce accidents, long-term sickness and compensation claims, and reduction in insurance risk, whilst providing complete guidance for company employees. This allows employers to avoid the current ‘grey area’ approach to the impact of both recreational and dependency drug use on a person’s role at work. By focusing on the cut-and-dried, measurable science behind substance abuse, an uncompromising policy can protect a company from speculative argument employee tribunals and courtrooms.

It is critically important that warehouses and distribution centers put into place a solid workplace drug and alcohol policy, which if sufficient, serves to not only protect employees and the public from harm, but also to protect the reputation of the employer.

With all of this in mind, the most pressing question might be this: how should health and safety executives implement provisions for drug and alcohol testing into their policies to best protect their employees, the public, and the reputation of the company itself?

And who better to help implement an effective drug screening program than Georgia On-site Lab Testing. Contact us today.